DotLife Brand Identity

Nomenclature, design strategy, ideation and envisioning, concept development, graphic and interactive design, visual merchandising, creative direction, copywriting

When Thailand’s official Apple Premium Reseller, Copperwired, wanted to develop a groundbreaking new brand that would not only embody but define digital lifestyle retailing, we thought we had died and gone to heaven. It’s not often that you have the opportunity to create a brand from the ground up—and really not often with somebody like Apple standing behind it.

Working in close collaboration with Bangkok-based retail architects Whitespace—who were concurrently developing the very first store prototype—we wanted to give the new entity a name that would literally say it all. “DotLife” was enthusiastically embraced, and we went on to design a comprehensive visual identity that included everything from logo and retrofuturist emoticons to online advertising, from in-store visual merchandising to some of the products themselves.

The brand has proven wildly successful—five years on, DotLife has expanded to thirteen locations across Thailand and shows no signs of slowing down.