Hartford Public Schools School Choice Identity and Campaign

Communications strategy and positioning, ideation and envisioning, concept development, graphic and interactive design, print, television and online advertising, video and still photography, illustration, creative direction, copywriting and content development

This was an extremely nuanced branding and messaging campaign, with a list of high-priority objectives that were often at odds with each other. These included intimately engaging the heavily Spanish-speaking inner city in the choice process, convincing white suburbia that the city schools were as safe—and often academically superior—to their own suburban schools, radically simplifying the perception and logistics of the school choice process itself, elevating the reputation of the entire district, and protecting the job of the oft-maligned superintendent.

After two weeks of exhaustive research and discovery, an idea began to percolate that became more focused and refined with each trip down to Hartford, finally resulting in a campaign that literally brought tears to the eyes of the Director of School Choice as she asked “Who can hate on The Future?”