Omved Brand Identity Update

Design strategy, ideation and envisioning, concept development, product nomenclature, graphic design, package design, visual merchandising, copywriting, product development

Omved is a manufacturer and retailer of a comprehensive range of Ayurveda-inspired cosmetics, cosmeceuticals and related health and wellness products based in Mumbai, India. Embracing design and sustainability in equal measure, their products are dedicated to bringing the calming, healing, inspiring brilliance of more than five thousand years of Vedic medical thought to an increasingly harried, increasingly complex twenty-first century.

Working in collaboration with retail architects Whitespace in Bangkok, Thailand, we were engaged to update their existing brand and develop a new, future-leaning visual identity and retail presence that would continue to evoke the essence of Ayurvedic medicine—and India itself—to its rapidly technologizing native customer base, but also position the retailer as sophisticated and world-class to new Western consumers.