Steward Health Care Brand Identity

Design strategy, concept development, graphic design, copywriting

Steward Health Care is the second largest healthcare system in New England. With more than 17,000 employees, over 3000 physicians, 11 hospital campuses, and 24 affiliated urgent care provider locations serving over 150 communities, Steward was founded in 2010 when the Caritas Christi Health Care system was sold to a private equity firm and transformed into a for-profit corporation.

Working in collaboration with Boston-based marketing specialists Rice McVaney Communications, we were charged with developing a new logo and accompanying brand identity that—while avoiding typical health care visual clichés and memes—would evoke Steward’s innovative, consumer-centric approach to community health care and at the same time inspire confidence in the scale, expertise and building-block solidity of its infrastructure.

The only firm directive given by the client at the outset of the project was to use the letter S from “Steward” as the basis for the brand’s logo.